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About Saudi Airlines

The Beginning:

The nice situations in history can make a breakthrough for major projects! the beginning of Saudi Arabian Airlines was an analogy of such situations.

After the historic meeting of King Abdul -Aziz with US President Franklin Roosevelt, the American president presented the King with a DC - 3 aircraft, which later became the nucleus of the "Saudi Airlines". It began carrying passengers between Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, then it was later strengthened with a fleet of aircraft over a period of 72 years to become one of the largest airlines in the Middle East and the world.

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Awards Received by Saudi Arabian Airlines

Through its long history, The Saudi Arabian Airlines has been awarded many international awards by foreign airlines, specialized magazines in the aviation industry and its support services, or international organizations and bodies related to the air transport industry, the most prominent are:

  • The "Best Internet and International Roaming onboard" award from "ONAIR" company in 2014.
  • The "Best Airline in the Middle East" Award from the Arabian Business Magazine in Dubai in 2013.
  • The Award of "Merit" presented by the magazine "Services on the plane" of the United States in 2000.


Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Alliance of Sky Team

The Sky Team alliance is considered the second largest airline alliance in the world, established in 2000, bringing the total number of allied companies to 20 companies, including Saudi Arabian Airlines, which joined on 29 May 2012. This alliance enabled the Saudi Arabian Airlines to gain many benefits for itself and its customers, which are:

  • Reaching 983 stations all around the world.
  • Customers receive a unified international ticket that enables them to travel around the world on flights from any of the Alliance airlines.
  • Support the level of air service provided to customers, through the development of amenities and entertainment.
  • Facilitate connectivity from flights through the best collection centers in the world.
  • Obtaining some special services in 503 lounges at airports in the world.
  • Getting the priority check-in upon the arrival at the airport.
  • Free admission of additional baggage.
  • Getting the priority to boarding the plane.
  • Prioritize the booking confirmation in the queue.
  • Getting the priority in luggage reception.
  • Exchange of best views and practices regarding the aviation world between them and other companies.

Along with a host of other features that vary by destinations and classes of flights.

Saudi Arabian Airlines and the Alliance of Common Code

This alliance aims to coordinate the flights of businessman so that two or more airlines participate in the same flight. The Saudi Arabian Airlines has concluded the Common Code agreements with:

Saudi Arabian Highlights


First Class:

Passengers enjoy a special service with Arabic coffee, as well as a variety of high-quality dishes and appetizers, an entertainment system with a variety of visuals, and obtaining a gift bag contains comfort and ornamental accessories during the flight, as well as spacious and electronically controlled seats.

Business Class:

This class is designed to meet the requirements of business owners by providing them with the convenience of having a practical task or the possibility of work and completion on the flight. Passengers of this class will enjoy the same privileges as the first class passengers in addition to creating a comfortable operating environment.

Hospitality Class:

The on-board hospitality class on the "Saudia" has a competitive quality for similar classes on the major airlines in the Middle East and the world, thanks to more comfortable and more flexible seats that can be controlled, advanced entertainment and communication systems, gifts bag contains sets and tools for sleep and rest are granted on some flights, along with a variety of varied meals on long flights, both domestically and internationally.

Airline Information

Main Company
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Company Headquarters
Jeddah-Saudi Arabia
Number of destinations
102 destinations
Year of operation
"Welcome to your world"
Sky Team Alliance - "Shared Code" Alliance
Customer Service Number

Historical Stations

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