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About Oman

Most countries today talk about how modern they are and how contemporary heritage redefines them. In such a world, stands a country that’s proud of its cultures, traditions, and ethnicities. At the same time, it doesn’t shy away from embracing the modern infrastructure, transportation and communication facilities. Yes, we are talking about the hidden treasure that Oman is.

Oman does not only balance the traditional and the contemporary gracefully, its geography is juxtaposed with mountains and valleys, deserts and beaches, and reserves and caves. These landscapes are marked beautifully with diverse topography.

Everybody who visits the Al Jabal Al Akhdar mountain range is smitten by the flawless beauty and simplicity of its existence. This green mountain embosoms several small villages, plantations and terraces (rose plantation being a major delight for visitors), the Al Jabal Al Akhdar Sanctuary for Natural Sciences and Jabal Shams, the highest point in Oman to peak a glance at its serenity. The sanctuary protects and conserves a fragile, yet unusual biodiversity. You can enjoy a hike to Jabal Shams. It’s not just the adventure that will take your breath away, but also the spectacular views from the top.

To conserve the rich biodiversity that finds an abode in Oman, there are many reserves other than the Al Jabal Al Akhdhar. The As Saleel Nature Park is a home to many rare animals like Arabian gazelle, red fox, Egyptian eagle and Omani wildcat and is vastly covered by acacia trees. From rare coral reefs of several kinds to numerous nesting turtles and countless migratory as well as indigenous birds, Al-Dimaniyat Islands Nature Reserve caresses the rich natural heritage like no other. The reserve flaunts sublime beaches with crystal blue waters pulsating against the expanses of white sand. Dhofar Lagoons are a bundle of eight reserves of lagoons covering varied areas and provide a perfect escape from the bustling city life. urtle Reserve in Oman needs no introduction as travelers visit this reserve for the many turtles that live there including the rare green turtle. These turtles come out on the sand during the dark hours to lay eggs and many people spend the night at the reserve for this experience. Jebel Samhan, Oman Botanic Garden, and Wadi Sireen Reserve are other reserves that nurture and conserve unusual species of plants and animals.

It’s not just nature’s heavens that this place offers, the manmade constructs like the hotels also make for heavenly stays. Midan Hotel Suites are known for being the best in value in the Muscat area with contemporary designs and well-equipped rooms. In Nizwa, Nizwa Hotel Apartments is known to be a top-rated hotel in a top rated location. Crown Plaza Sohar and Golden Tulip Seeb are known to be one of the highest rated hotels in their areas.

In the literal sense, Oman has something for everyone. Enjoy a day by the sea or dive in the richly diverse clear waters, spend a night on the sands under the blanket of stars or indulge in some desert adventure, explore the beauty of the several caves, lagoons, and reserves that Oman caresses. It’s THE destination and we have some amazing deals!

The Main Airport

Muscat International Airport, formerly Seeb International Airport, is the main international airport in Oman and is situated 32 km from the old city and capital Muscat within the Muscat

The airport opened as Seeb International Airport in 1973, replacing a smaller airfield located in Bayt al Falaj

The entire airport is spread over an area of 5,250 acres (21 km2). It originally featured one passenger terminal building

Shopping Areas and Main Activities

The Samhan mountains are also a beholder’s delight with gorgeous plateaus and deep gorges. This range is also a home to many animals including the Arabian leopard, Nubian ibex, foxes, and Arabian gazelle. Many streams find their abode in this range, including the Natif-Hasik (the water mountain). The cascading waterfalls and springs make this a must on your Omani itinerary. The stunning rock formations at the Lion’s Jaw Gate get their name from what they portray visually; a lion’s head with an open jaw. This is also a diver’s paradise with an incredibly diverse marine life and rare coral reef.

Souqs Experience shopping in Oman the local way by going to any of Oman's vibrant souqs! The souqs offer you a glimpse of traditional Oman, with traders and shop owners sitting on the floor with their goods stacked from the floor up to the ceiling

Al Husn/Haffa Souq As the largest and oldest souq in Salalah, the Al Husn Souq is also the busiest. Famous for its immense collection of aromatised frankincense, the souq also sells beautiful handicrafts and breathtaking silver jewellery

Wadi ArRawdha is one such place, with aromas of flowers and herbs to soothe you, rare animals feasting on the flora and fauna, and a lush green landscape (depending on the season). To watch rare and popular animals of the area like Arabian Tahr and deer, you can also visit Wadi Sireen Reserve. To get a taste of the local flavors of Omani villages, Wadi Al Arbiyeen is the most beautiful way. With four villages inhabiting the wadi, it often leaves travelers speechless with the site of clear water delicately enveloped by sandy mountains. Wadi Al Khoudh is a colossal wadi landscape with small oasis, colorful flowers, and breathtaking views. Wadi Muayden and Wadi Al Qahfi are the other valleys that are known to cast a spell on the visitors with their beauty.

Caves are a fascinating and gorgeous part of an Omani vacation and should not be missed. Majlis Al Jinn Cave is a treasured and one of the most magnificent wonders of nature. It is considered to be one of the largest underground caves in the world with just three opening that are rather invisible in the mountains. The trek can be challenging but the 50 million old repository of natural life treasures is worth it. AlHoota Cave is another such marvel and instills that "caves are the underground equivalent of the landscapes we see above ground, like valleys, streams, and springs." Water cascading from the mountains enters the caves at two holes and makes it a beautiful experience. Water springs and fountains also breathe life into the Muqal Cave and Al Marnif Cave, turning the lifeless rock formations into stunning landscapes to amaze all your senses. Abu Habban Cave and Jernan Cave are worth a visit if you want to be awestruck by the several rock formations in varying hues.

No trip to Oman is complete without visiting the desert area or areas. Sun bidding adieu to the city as it hides behind the golden hills of sand and nights that are more like starry interventions are the characteristic features of the Bawshar Sands. During the day you can rent sand bikes to have a thrilling desert adventure. The Empty Quarter’s vast expanse of sand, uninterrupted by any oasis often makes people reflect on life as just standing there with no forms of life to be seen for miles cannot leave you unaffected. A contrast to this emptiness is the A'Sharqiyah Sands which are a popular destination for tourists as the red, orange, and brown sands make it one of the most beautiful desert camping experiences. Enjoy the Omani coffee midst the sandy hills or indulge in some sand skiing or simply lose yourself in the mesmerizing spell of the many oases embraced by these sands.

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