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About Madinah

The historical city "Madinah" has a large number of diverse hotels for its well-known for the religious tourism, in the west of Saudi Arabia. It is the first capital city in the history of Islam and the second holiest place for Muslims after Mecca. Madinah hotels are concentrated near the main mosque of the city which is the Prophet's Mosque; it is the largest and holiest mosque in the world. It was built by the Prophet Mohammed where he was buried as well as the caliphs Abu Bakr and Omar Ibn Khattab, you can visit the Prophet's Mosque and then visit Baqi cemetery in the southeastern side of Prophet's Mosque wall where thousands of Madinah people were buried, and before them were the companions (Sahabah). Then you can go to the mosque of Quba, the first mosque built in Islam and it is situated 3 km from the Prophet's Mosque, it is characterized by high "Mihrab" and its humped minaret. Madinah Hotels are close to many touristic and historical places and the most important are Dar El Madina Museum for the architectural heritage and civilization, which represents the social life of the city of Madinah, also highlights the importance of the history of Madinah. Do not forget to visit Mount Uhud which is one of the most important natural and religious monuments. The hotels of Madinah are close to parks and the famous shopping centers such as the city's international markets, Al Rashid Mega Mall, Quba market, and other shopping centers.

In all areas, and the rest of Madinah regions there are many hotels that bear the names of famous international chains such as Shaza Al Madina Hotel, Madinah Marriott Hotel, Le Meridien Madinah Hotel, Anwar Al Madinah Movenpick Hotel which offer the best services and facilities like spa luxury and restaurants, as well as shopping centers, beauty centers and other high-quality services like those offered all over the world. For budget conscious travelers can easily find cheap hotels in all parts of Madinah and in particular in the city center. If you want to book a hotel for your stay in Madinah at the best price online, you have chosen the perfect choice! Flyin.com offers a selection of the best hotels in Madinah in all districts. You will find among them what is appropriate for your needs and your budget. Flyin.com provides you with all available accommodation types, from cheap hotels and even luxury ones, and the rating vary between 5-star and 4-star and 3-star. You can check the list of Flyin hotels in Madinah, Hurry up and book your hotel in few simple steps with competitive prices.

The Main Airport

King Abdulaziz International Airport (IATA code: JED), consists of 4 halls in addition to the Royal Hall.

Shopping in Madinah

Shopping in the city of Madinah where you will have an exciting experience. At first you may find that the prices are high, but through the bargains you can get suitable prices.

Shopping Areas and Main markets

The city's International Market is situated near the Prophet's Mosque, and one of the finest markets in Madinah, It is located Abu Bakr Siddiq street (may Allah be pleased with him). It is featured with exterior and internal aesthetic touch, giving a sense beauty, and fun for shopping. It has a variety of shops to suit all needs and tastes, in addition to a large parking area.

Rashid Mega Mall is one of the largest and most modern shopping malls in the city of Madinah. It is characterized by a good location on the Ring Road and wide parking area. Its great and modern design gives the external shape and unique character, and contains a large number of world famous brands, in addition to a distinguished group of fast-food restaurants.

Shopping Centers

"Quba market" has many shops, commercial centers which are located along Quba road.

"Bilal market" is located south the Prophet's Mosque after Al Safia Bridge and where you will find a lot of stores and gold shops.

"Bilal market" is located on Khalid bin Walid Road in front of King Fahd General Hospital, and other commercial markets, and shops such as Al Saha market, and the Carnival Center.

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