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Introducing MyWallet

A quick & convenient way to manage your refunds, cancellation and Qitaf points. The Money in your wallet can be used for saving time whilst you book your travel. Moreover, using wallet, you can now surprise your friends by gifting them money.

Let's Get Started

MyWallet Features

MyWallet is a quick and handy way to manage your booking refunds with Flyin. The next time you cancel a booking, transfer your refund amount to your MyWallet account.
  • Quick Refunds

    Say goodbye to lengthy refund processes. Your wallet gets credited with refunds before you know it.
  • Recharge with Qitaf

    Top up your flyin wallet using Qitaf Points. With us your points never expire.
  • Freedom of Use

    Now you can pay for Flights, Hotels and Packages, fully or partially, using MyWallet.
  • Attractive Offers

    Get special offers available only for MyWallet users.
  • No Payment Failures

    Selected a great price and dont want payment to fail? Use Flyin wallet as a payment mode.
  • Gift Your Friends

    Make Beautiful Memories by Surprising your friends with a gift

How does it work?

Inflow of money

  • Your refund and cancellation money
  • Top up with Qitaf points
  • Your friend gifts you wallet money

Outflow of money

  • Use it to book your trip
  • Use it to gift your friend
  • Transfer money in your bank account

How to use MyWallet for booking your next trip?

Step 1

Money gets added to MyWallet by any of the following

  • Flyin adds refund and cancellation money to your wallet, whenever you cancel a booking.
  • You can Top Up your Wallet using Qitaf points
  • Your Friend gifts you MyWallet money

Step 2

While booking your new trip, select 'MyWallet' as the payment mode.

Step 3

If booking amount is more than available balance in MyWallet, you can pay the balance using other payment methods.


What is My Wallet?

My Wallet is one of Flyin payment services, which allows you to add credit to your account quickly and easily. The balance can be used to book flights, hotels, travel packages or to gift it to your friends through Flyin accounts.

Why I should use My Wallet?

  • The subscription to the service is free.
  • No need to use your credit card with every booking.
  • No need to wait for refunds, which can be immediately added to your account balance and use later.
  • No need to use bank transactions to avoid transaction mistakes.

How do I add a credit to my account?

  • Bank Transfer (Customer service 920025959 can help you on this).
  • Credit Card Payment Transfer.
  • Redeeming Qitaf Point.
  • Earning Free vouchers from Flyin.

How do I register to the service?

You can easily get this service once you create your account in Flyin through the App or flyin.com

How do I use my balance?

While you are in checkout process in Flyin, your credit balance will be shown under the payment options.

I do not have enough credits in my account to make a new booking. What can I do?

You can partially pay the booking through your balance, and pay the rest of the amount through other payment methods on Flyin.

Is there expiration for my credit balance?

No, your balance will be available forever, except the amounts that you got from flyin offers and vouchers, the offers and vouchers terms and conditions will be applied.

How can I check the available balance?

Log in to your Flyin account, select my account and your current balance will be shown there.

Can I transfer from my credit balance to someone else as a gift?

Yes, you can transfer balance to someone else's account but they should have a Flyin account.

Can I cancel my wallet account feature?

Your wallet account cannot be canceled, but it is your choice to use or not.

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