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About Makkah

The city of "Mecca" has a huge number of diverse hotels due to the prominence of religious tourism which is in the western side of Saudi Arabia. It is considered as the jewel of civilizations and a city which is full of life. Mecca hotels are concentrated near Al Masjid Al Haram, it is the most sacred place on earth to the Islamic nation including El Kaaba, Ismail Stone, The Well of Zamzam, Maqam Ibrahim, Al-Safa and Al-Marwah and the Black Stone. You can visit Al Masjid Al Haram and Kaaba and then the horizon of the city of Mecca view through Abraj Al Bait which is one of the largest towers in the world and do not forget to visit the famous Mecca Clock Tower. Mecca hotels are close to many touristic and historical places and most importantly: Al Noor Mountain which tells us the history of the human life that is characterized by calmness and tranquility. The Museum of the Two Holy Mosques includes seven halls, where every hall displays a better story of the finest of its predecessor. The Mountains of Mecca and its valleys are very distinctive and they symbolize the identity of Mecca. Also you can visit the Mount of Arafat, which is located on the road between Mecca and Ta'if where the most important rituals of Hajj are held, and the Jamaraat Bridge in Mina area that dedicated to the pilgrims to throw the stones. Mecca hotels are also close to the famous shopping centers such as Mecca Mall, City Plaza, Al otaibi Market, and other shopping centers.

In Al Haram area, as well as in the Aziziyah area, Mina and Al Tanaaim and the rest of Makkah regions, there are many hotels that bear the names of famous international chains, such as Makkah Hilton Towers Hotel, Al Marwa Rayhaan Rotana Hotel Makkah, Hilton Suites Makkah Hotel, Makkah Marriott Hotel which offer the best services and facilities; gardens and restaurants, as well as Shopping Centers, beauty centers and other high-quality services like those offered all over the world. For budget conscious travelers, they can easily find cheap hotels in all areas in Makkah and in particular in the city center. If you want to book a hotel for your stay in Makkah at the best price online, you have chosen the best choice! Flyin.com offers a selection of the best hotels in Makkah in all districts. You will find what is appropriate for your needs and your budget. Flyin.com provides you with all the available accommodations types, from cheap hotels and even luxury ones, which vary between 5-star, 4-star and 3-star. You can check the list of Flyin hotels in Makkah, hurry up and book your hotel in few simple steps with competitive prices.

The Main Airport

King Abdulaziz International Airport (IATA code: JED) contains 4 terminals in addition to the Royal Hall.

Shopping in Makkah

Shopping in the city of Makkah has a special taste. At first you may find that the prices are high, but through negotiations you will get suitable prices.

Shopping Areas and Main markets

Abraj Al Bait includes many of the markets that provide world-famous brands of perfumes, outfits, bags and other quality products to suit all tastes.

Mecca Mall is a large shopping center for the people of Mecca and pilgrims where you can go full shopping, it includes a shopping mall and entertainment center, it provides the highest international brands and varied entertainment options for the whole family.

Al Majaz Market is famous for its historical, archaeological and great civilization, it is one of the most famous markets in the Arabian Peninsula from the pre-Islamic era till the dawn of Islam.

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers represent a large part in Jeddah, and the most known are "Hijaz market," which is located on the first Mecca-Jeddah highway and consists of two floors. "Alotaibi market" is located in the area of Alotaibi at Alhgon Genera.

"Central Azizia market" is located in Azizia Street, as there is a "Al diyafa Market"; A shopping center includes a large number of shops for clothes, shoes, gold and jewelry, nightclubs, restaurants, etc., "Al Salaam Market", is a commercial center with a variety of shops that cater to the wishes of visitors in all seasons of the year and it is in Aziziyah district.

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