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Istanbul Package

The city of Istanbul offers a trip unlike any other, encompassing Asian and European cultures to create a heady mix of art, music and food. The amazing Old Town and the Sultanahmet are home to iconic Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia. More history is hidden in the Topkapi Palace, where you can glimpse the splendour and opulence of Turkey’s Ottoman heritage. 

We give you a chance to Book a 3 Day and 2 Night Holiday Package to Istanbul today! This package includes your easy flight and a cozy stay in 4 stars. Don't miss the chance!

SAR 1628.54
Price per person
Experience Arabian Wildlife in Abu Dhabi

Explore the rare and ideal opportunity to experience the unique mix of modern and traditional Architecture, Mixture of Arabian and African culture, blend of an urban treat with wildlife adventure. The perfect cocktail to welcome the great new year ahead.

We give you a chance to Book a 3 Day and 2 Night Holiday Package to ِAbu Dhabi today! This package includes your easy flight and a cozy stay in 5 stars. Don't miss the chance!

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Best deals to stay at 4* Hotels in Seef Bahrain

Explore this beautiful country with more than 30 breath-taking islands! This place has got not just islands but everything you can ask for! You can experience the awe-inspiring historical monuments like Bahrain Fort, and modern marketplaces like Bahrain City Centre. If you are looking for adventure and music, you cannot miss visiting the romantically monikered ‘Mountain of Smoke’, which is the highest point in Bahrain. It may be best to fit in this trip a visit to Al-Areen Wildlife Park, Al Jazeer Beach or the Tree of Life, as they are all within easy vicinity. If you have kids travelling with you, present them a refreshing experience to remember at Wahooo! waterpark.

We give you a chance to Book a 3 Day and 2 Night Holiday Package to Bahrain today! This package includes your easy flight and a cozy stay in 4 stars. Don't miss the chance!                                                                                   

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Explore Dubai

Explore Dubai with this amazing package, fly to dubai and stay in a 4-star hotel in the city center. These 2 Nights stay in Dubai helps you the explore the golden city of United Arab Emirates with its exciting offerings like the iconic Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. Explore the world-class shopping malls like Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates and more, exploring the gold, textile and spice souks in the afternoon.

SAR 1623.88
Price per person
Stay in Yas Island, Luxury & Fun in Bowl

Looking for great adventure or fun trip with family or friends or want to experience some great shows and events or a peaceful sanctuary to escape from your busy life? Then here is your magic bowl with this unique mix of sport and luxury, which you going to take you to the next level, Yes its the Yas Island Abu Dhabi. These 3 Days and 2 Nights Package with a round trip flight ticket from Riyadh to Abu Dhabi is the perfect choice to experience the Yas islands fun & excitement. Explore Ferrari Abu Dhabi, and enjoy Yas Waterworld and much more. Book your package now.

SAR 1320.00
Price per person
Makkah Package

Explore the holy city Makkah and its spiritual insights.

Take this opportunity to perform Umrah and enjoy this peaceful and beautiful place. The holy city Makkah not only offers you to know the holy side of it but also the rich cultural side. Makkah is a place filled with different people coming from all around the world that provides a unique experience.The hotel is in a short walking distance from the holy mosque, which offers you the comforts to walk to the holy mosque without using any type of transportation. Also, you will be able to visit some of the historical and holy places in mecca such as Mount Arafat and Jabal al-Nour. Nature loving travelers will also have a great time at Cave of Hira where the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon on him) received the first revelations of the Holy Quran during the month of Ramadhan in 610 CE.

This 3 Days and 2 Nights in 5 stars hotel Package is the perfect choice refresh yourself with spirituality and tranquility.

SAR 2611.50
Price per person
Explore the Gift of Nile - Cairo

Born of an ancient civilization, Cairo is a vast metropolis centered around the Nile. Its sheer scale can feel overwhelming (especially when flying over it into Cairo Airport), so plan ahead. An obvious starting point is the Giza Pyramids. Although the pharaohs are long gone, the grandeur of their burial pyramids, the Sphinx and Solar Boat is testament to their ambition.


This 5 Days and 4 Nights Package with the 5 stars hotel and a round trip flight ticket from Riyadh to Cairo is the perfect choice to experience this Magnificat, infuriating and beautiful gift of the mighty Nile.

SAR 1592.85
Price per person
Your Second Home (Kuwait)

Spend your weekend in your Second Home (Kuwait), The city of food and art.  Explore Kuwait and its offerings vary from Desert, museums, shopping Mall’s, corniche, restaurants, luxury tourist resorts and much more.

Enjoy your stay by Visit the main attraction there like (Kuwait Tower, scientific center, AL Hamra Tower, Kuwait National Museum, Grand Mosque Al Kuwait, Souk Mubarakiya ..)

Also be part of the most important art festivals in Kuwait: Hala February, Kuwait Theater Festival, and Arab Theater Festival. Book your package now.

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