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Hotels in Uzlina

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Botel GGGociman
Is a unique accommodation place that makes you a partaker in the show and the exoticism of the Danube Delta, where you can admire and study the flora and fauna up close, where you can be only with your friends in the middle of nature, undisturbed by anyone, can only by the whisper of the water, the music of birds or the lapping of fish near your bedroom window.Is a ship that offers the comfort of a luxury hotel, but where you do not feel the walls pressing, where you are not disturbed and do not bother anyone - where you feel free. What could be more beautiful than to be able to sleep, eat, or to entertain in every corner of the of the Danube Delta that you choose yourself?Located in the heart of the Delta, Danube Delta Resort offers the advantage that besides the cruises organized in the heart of the Delta, to take advantage of all the hotel facilities: heated pool, fishing places,etc
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